About Rhino Foods


Rhino Foods is a manufacturer of inclusions for ice cream and other specialty dessert items that has always had a deep commitment to their employees. Built into the organization’s foundation is a promise to establish relationships with employees and their families, create a climate of mutual trust and respect, foster an environment for listening and personal expression, and provide a vehicle for employees to develop and achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Income Advance was a natural fit for Rhino Foods, and because of its success with Income Advance, Rhino Foods has been working with employers to expand implementation of the program. Rhino Foods became a Certified B Corp to support our purpose: to impact the manner in which business is done. Being part of an expanding global community of companies working to be profitable, while positively impacting employees and their community, gives you an incredible resource to be better at every aspect of your business. Many companies say they care about people, the community, and the environment but how do you know if this is real? Are the words just greenwashing? We’re proud to have passed the rigorous audit to become a Certified B Corporation. Recognized globally as proof that we mean what we say and we put action behind our words. The B Corp community’s unified goal is to use the power of business to benefit all stakeholders not just shareholders. Business can be a powerful engine for positive change and Rhino Foods intends to be part of it.